Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution
A buyer can dispute and get HA BAO SILK to step in to resolve their return issues when an agreement can’t be reached with the seller. Buyer can dispute when:

— The return request is rejected

— The refund is rejected after shipping off the item to the seller

A dispute agent will be assigned to review the order history leading to the dispute, and attempt to come to a resolution within 5 business days. Depending on the return reason, we will look at the proofs, prior exchange between both parties, circumstances – including the buyer’s history and the seller’s profile, in order to set a judgement.

Outcomes of dispute

1. Buyer to return

In most cases, the buyer is entitled to return shall these reasons are proven to be true based on the proofs:

• Doesn’t fit

• Received wrong item

• Item doesn’t match description/pictures

• Missing accessory/freebie

• Faulty item/item doesn’t work properly

• Counterfeit (if the listing claims authenticity and the certificate of authenticity can’t be provided by the seller)

• Damaged

The dispute team is unlikely to judge for a refund without return unless the item is in damaged condition that is not feasible for return. Damage can generally be categorized:

A. Item is packed correctly and damaged: All packing guidelines have been complied but the item arrives damaged. Investigation would typically validate your packing practice with the buyer, and judge return and refund under the responsible courier.

B. Item is not packed correctly and damaged: Upon investigation, we find that the item wasn’t packed properly leading to the damage. As a seller, you are responsible to ensure that the item arrives safely and if the item arrives damaged because of poor packing practice, dispute team will judge for a return and refund under the seller. The buyer is required to return the item in condition in which it was received, and will be guaranteed a refund by the seller even if the item is damaged further in return shipping.

2. Buyer to receive refund (after seller received the returned item)

Dispute team will issue a refund to buyer if they have returned the item in condition in which it was received. When you receive the returned item, the buyer needs to be refunded unless:

• Item is damaged during return shipping because it wasn’t packed properly

• Item doesn’t fulfill the return condition e.g. item is used, altered, incomplete, original package damaged (refer below the extended list with exceptions)

If the item is damaged during return shipping – even though the item is packed according to the return packing guidelines by the buyer, you can submit your damage claim within 25 days from item’s delivered date by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to PSC Master Form

Step 2: Under Inquiry, select Seller Claims

Step 3: Under Claim Type, select Damaged items

Step 4: Under Claim Reason, select Item received from 3pl

Step 5: Select single order or multiple orders

Step 6: Submit the form

Learn more about claims here.

3. Dispute to be closed with no return/refund

When there is insufficient proof to support the buyer’s claim and it can’t be provided within the given timeline, the dispute will be closed with no return and refund.

Quality of Proof

Quality of the proof you submitted will be important for us to make a sound resolution – poor picture/video quality or irrelevant proof will be judged insufficient to support your claim.

For returns due to damage, we will be validating the seller’s packing practice from the buyer but it is a good practice to always have picture/video proof of the internal view (the item) and external view (the package) of your orders before you ship out.

Follow each of your dispute case closely in the “Dispute in progress” tab in Return Orders, and respond to request for proof within 3 business days to avoid judgement in the buyer’s favour. In any case if your proofs are unclear, a notice will be given for a resubmission – if it is still within the given timeline.

What do I do if I am not satisfied with the dispute resolution?

For each dispute, we look at all the available proofs, prior exchange between both parties, circumstances, the buyer’s history and the seller’s profile in an attempt for a fair resolution.

The decision made at the closure of a dispute is final and can only be appealed if new information is presented, which was not reviewed in the original investigation. 

Tips to avoid dispute

Dispute can happen to any seller, and handling them well can go a long way to keeping buyers happy and your seller’s standard and ratings positive. Whenever possible, try to resolve the issue with the buyer directly without having to escalate into a dispute.